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Bring your characters to life with our CUSTOM Character Cutouts! Enjoy a high-quality, grayscale finish, perfect for bringing any character to life. Your custom characters will be printed on a heavy, durable material, ensuring your cutouts last for years to come.

Character Cutouts are perfect as party props, event props, decorations and centerpieces  


The images you see on this listing are just used as examples. Not accurate in height and they will not be what you order unless you want that specific character. These images are only used so the customer knows what a character cutout is supposed to look like. They are cutouts that have been purchased by our customers. 

After making your purchase, send us through email ( the image you want to be printed.
If the image you want to be printed is not in good print quality we can work with you to ensure we get you the best quality version of that image. 
If you need a personalized design we can also help with the design, you only have to buy the artwork fee service in the size selection box, additionally you have to buy the Cutout of the size you need.
We will make a digital mockup for your approval before printing your Cutout. (Note that if artwork modification service is involved in your purchase, delivery times may be extended)

- We can print the image or theme that you prefer
- Once you have approved the mock up, you will not be able to request changes to be made because we will have already begun to print your work 

Your Cutout will be on the following material:

Foam Board

 -This material is not weather resistant
 -Lays flat, light weight

If you need something that is weather resistant, please do not purchase here. instead please send us an email letting us know you need something weather resistant. we will fulfill your order via email.

****Please note cutouts are folded in half due to shipping costs.
Each piece includes a base to stand on and also the pieces that will keep it upright after bending.